Training Needs Analysis

The Training Companies Programme is an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. and is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills. Can you take a minute to complete our Needs Analysis?

Developing a Training Plan

Companies need to conduct a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to ensure that the funds they spend on training are actually going to meet business and individual needs. The TNA provides information on the training and skills development requirements of all employees within your Company. It is one of the key steps in preparing a training plan and provides you with information on which to base your Companies’ training plan for 2016.
This guide is designed to assist you in conducting a meaningful and practical TNA process. We advise that you read the full document and consider applying a practical combination of approaches that best meets the profile of your Company and which is feasible within the time available. Not all methods/tools suit every Company. Each company can adopt different approaches to the TNA that best suit your sector/region. The key thing is that the company has involved as many people as possible in identifying the current, future and relevant training needs and that the TNA has been conducted in a structured manner.
A good TNA will address the following questions:
• What are the important demand factors in this sector/region?
• What are the competitive issues facing my company?
• How will training make a difference in productivity and competitiveness?
• What level and type of training are you currently doing?
• What are the specific training needs in each department?
• What is my companies training budget?
• Who are your target participant group/s?
• Which training programmes should be given priority to address our main challenges?
• What is your level of demand for certified training?
• What length of courses should you look for – how much time will staff be released for?
• What method/s of delivery would you prefer?

Each department should be able to answer the following…

What are the key skills linked with each of the roles in this area?
What are our key skills gaps?
How many people need to be trained?
What is the time frame/critical milestone dates?