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Following our advocacy towards Members of the European Parliament, an amendment has been tabled in the EU Deforestation Regulation draft...
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Urgent Call to Action

Action required by 11th June 2019. Please read the linked PDF for details and an application form.

Print Media Apprenticeship Application
IPF & DPPSkillnet

Call to Action

Dear Printer,

You may be aware that the Print Apprenticeship has suffered from a low uptake by industry in general over the last number of years and that we have come close to losing this statutory apprenticeship over the last few years. The scheme is currently in abeyance and about to undergo a curriculum review in order to make it more suitable and relevant to the Print industry today and determine its future.

In order to continue this process, we require commitment from industry to engage once the new scheme is rolled out. Attached you will find the proposed new occupational profile which we will develop into the updated curriculum. We hope that all of your additional requirements have been included however if not please let us know.

If you are willing to support the apprenticeship going forward we would ask you to indicate your support in a letter (written on headed paper) to commit to placing one apprentice from your organisation on the programme between 2019 and 2021. Without this commitment, we will lose the statutory scheme which means that apprentices will no longer be paid or get travel/accommodation assistance while they undergo their training which we are informed will not be available in future new programs.

Just to confirm if we fail to attract the required number of trainees for this program from companies we will lose this current program forever and there will be no program to train new apprentices or people currently in the print or related industries in the future.

If you have any additional questions or would like any further information you can contact email us on

Kind regards,
Irish Print Forum

If you want to have a  statutory Print Apprenticeship Scheme from 2019 we need your support!

We are asking any company who want to avail of the scheme to confirm in writing before January 31st. 

Occupational Profile Rev 4.1 Print Media

Print Media Apprenticeship Renewed


“We are delighted to announce that, as a result of representations made by the Irish Printing Federation, a meeting was held between SOLAS and DIT at which it was agreed that the Print Media Apprenticeship would be granted a one year reprieve.

Why does this matter?

The Print Media Apprenticeship is the only recognised craft training qualification in the state, the industry needs properly trained craftspeople. There is already a skills shortage in a number of key areas in the Irish Print industry. While in-house training might work as a stop-gap measure it will ultimately lead to a deskilling of our workforce. At a time when the industry is facing so many challenges – the economic uncertainty of Brexit, foreign competition the move away from print we can’t afford to lose our skills base. If we fail to address this issue it will have a serious impact on our ability to compete in the future.

What can I do?

Unfortunately the negotiations to save the apprenticeship scheme has caused some delay in the registration of apprentices, so we are calling on all printers who might consider taking on an apprentice to contact the IPF as a matter of  extreme urgency.

(Maureen McDonnell: or 087 9089102).

Furthermore we are calling on all stakeholders in the industry – printing companies, training bodies, unions and state agencies to join with the IPF to fight for the continuation of the Print Media Apprenticeship.

Tom Clements

Please take a moment to complete our salary survey and help us to help the printing industry across the country.

The Irish Printing Federation (IPF) is the premier representative body for firms in the print and packaging industry in Ireland. We have represented companies in the industry since 1899 and have been at the forefront of technological, commercial and strategic change in the sector for over 110 years.

In 2002, the Irish Printing Federation was a central participant in forming the Print and Packaging Forum. The Forum is an industry representative organisation which brings all stakeholders in the industry together (employers, trades unions, state agencies, educational institutions and professional membership bodies).

Today we work to represent printers during a time of change within the sector. On-demand digital technologies and new ways of reaching clients via online and mobile platforms have opened up new opportunities for print suppliers. With the advent of new printing technologies the role of printers in the industrial world has changed as has our client base.

We work with established and newly formed print companies, of all sizes, to ensure that they are ready to face the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities this ongoing change brings. The IPF is committed to helping it’s members understand how the print business has changed and how to adapt their own business practices to best suit their existing clients and find new ones.

Our partnership with the Design, Print & Packaging Skillnet means that IPF members are kept up to date on training opportunities relevant to the sector. Training courses organised through the DPPS are run throughout the year, ranging from one day workshops to full Masters. These training programs are designed to make industry relevant knowledge and skills accessible to members at every level.

As well as offering insights into the sector and assisting with training the IPF continues to interface with government concerning a wide range of issues that affect the Irish printing industry. The print industry has a unique relationship with Ireland’s’ political establishment stretching back to the foundation of the state. By continuing to lobby government regarding legislative and legal matters of importance to Irish printers the IPF continues to cement the importance of this relationship.

Representing Your Interests

The Irish Printing Federation represents its members in the following areas: 
  • Lobbying Government on VAT regulations and their implementation in relation to procurement outside the jurisdiction by vat exempt bodies

  • Lobbying Government on procurement policy and the placing of contracts outside the jurisdiction

  • Industrial relations matters and National Wage Agreements

  • Representation on legal matters of importance to print and packaging companies, including the application of the Examinership Process

  • Ensuring political parties and election candidates adhere to the rules on electoral materials

  • Environmental matters: In 2015 we continue to represents the views of Print Industry companies and promote the professional development of the Industry.