Announcing The InkWell – A Place For Printers

The printing game can be a lonely calling. Sure, the clients come and go, you and your colleges tend the presses and shuffle the stock, but in the print industry it can sometimes feel like no one else understands the craft, history, and innovation that is embodied in the modern printing press.

Well that changes today. This blog is for you dear reader. You are a professional in the printing industry, running a printing press, managing a busy production floor, or even creating bespoke print-work on equipment so old it’s been forgotten, or so new it’s hardly arrived yet.

The InkWell is an experiment. At first we will post content culled from the wider world of print, aimed at enlightening and entertaining you with interesting scraps of printing paraphernalia; Videos, articles, even other blog posts by noted printers. In time we hope you will join the conversation through comments and submissions of your own discoveries.

Irish printing can sometimes be a lonely place, but it doesn’t have to be. Stop a while and take a dip in the InkWell.