The Commission has presented a proposal to replace the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive with a Regulation, meaning that requirements will be directly applicable to all operators without national interpretation.

In a new proposal published on 30 November, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive has turned into a Regulation. This will secure stronger harmonisation across Member States. In addition to prevention and minimisation requirements, the proposal provides minimum recycled content targets in plastic
packaging. On recyclability, the assessment will be done on the basis of design for recycling
criteria, which will be developed by the Commission in secondary legislation per packaging category.
Recyclable content will be linked to a grade system (from A to E) which will be linked to the Extended
Producer Responsibility fees applicable to packaging producers. Non-recyclable packaging (grade
E) will not be allowed after 2030.

The proposal also foresees a harmonised labelling system for the disposal of packaging. The
proposal will now enter the regular scrutiny process.

Source – Intergraf January 2023