Europe adopts new ruleson packaging design andpackaging waste

The new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation is on its way to be finalised in the coming weeks. The new rules will impact a wide range of sectors as certain provisions are relevant for any economic operators using packaging.

The final text is more favourable to fibre-based packaging than the initial proposal. Indeed, while the proposal included a restriction on
all single-use packaging for food and beverages, the compromise text limits the restriction to plastic packaging. Cardboard boxes was
also granted an exemption from reuse requirements. In addition to numerous restrictions of certain plastic-based packaging, plastic packaging will also have to include a minimum recycled content.

In general, all packaging will have to be recyclable according to design for recycling guidelines and recyclability performance grades
which will be defined by the European Commission. Companies using transport or  e-commerce packaging will have to comply with an empty space ratio of 50%.

The final text is still subject to the formal adoption of all institutions. It is expected to be applicable as of mid-2026.

Source – Intergraf April 2024