Intergraf – News in Brief – 22/02/2019


20-22/02/2019, Shaping the Future of Print: Packaging Conference

This year’s edition of Intergraf’s Shaping the Future of Print event series was a resounding success. Packaging Conference was co-organised by Intergraf as usual with Smithers Pira, who provided conference participants with the exclusive market reportEuropean Printed Packaging Trends. For the first time, FTA Europe, the umbrella federation representing the flexographic community, was also a co-organiser. More than 100 packaging industry professionals from all over Europe were welcomed at the historic Hotel Metropole in Brussels for three days of activities. With nine fantastic conference speakers, participants heard about a wide range of topics affecting the growing packaging sector in Europe. The many networking opportunities surrounding the conference – including a visit to the European Parliament – also added a lot of value to the event. More information about the Packaging Conference will be distributed next week in a press release and on Intergraf and FTA Europe’s websites.

19/02/2019, Intergraf Board Meeting, Brussels

The Intergraf Board met to discuss ongoing activities of the association. Of particular note were developments in chromium trioxide regulations for gravure printers, printing industry requirements in the BREF and preparation of the upcoming conference Print Matters for the Future in London in May.

07/02/2019, Social Dialogue Steering Group

The Graphical Sector’s Social Dialogue Committee met to discuss the organisation of our 2019 meetings. This year’s Plenary Session is due to be held on 1st April in Brussels, and a Working Group on 21st November. The key topics of discussion at these meetings include skills, industry & economic trends, digitisation, demographics, new business models and image & environment. As usual, your travel and accommodation costs for these meetings are subsidised by the European Commission.

14/02/2019, European Employers’ Network Meeting, BusinessEurope, Brussels

Alison Grace attended a meeting of the EEN – a network of European employers’ associations representing different business sectors. Future coordination of the EEN was discussed, as well as sectoral updates in social dialogue and BusinessEurope’s newly adopted Work Programme for the years 2019-21.Updates were also given and information shared between sectors about ongoing European social affairs dossiers, including the soon-to-be-finalised Proposal for a Directive on transparent & predictable working conditions (formerly the Written Statement Directive) and Proposal on work-life balance for parents and carers.

15/02/2019, CheMI meeting, Brussels

The group is preparing a statement in view of the new Commission. The group also had on the agenda the current discussion on the change of classification of titanium dioxide. No decision could be made at a meeting between the European Commission and Member States. It is postponed to a meeting on 7 March.

20/02/2019, Presentation to Danish printers’ delegation, Brussels

A delegation of Danish packaging printers, members of Grakom, visited the Intergraf offices. They were introduced to the work of Intergraf.


  • 26/02/2019, Intergraf Security Printers Committee Meeting, Brussels
  • 26/02/2019, Keep Me Posted EU Communications Meeting, Brussels
  • 06/03/2019, Print Media Group, Brussels