Jungle Book

We hoard books, don’t we? Most of us have stacks of them filling our houses, shelves bulging with them, even bags full of them.

I sometimes tease my more bibliomanic friends by suggesting that we should probably all recycle a book every week. Stick them in the green bin and free up some space. But even I drew the line at simply digging a hole in the ground and chucking a book in it to rot. That is until I heard about a novel (pun intended) project the seeks to encourage just that.

The ecologically minded folks over at Treehugger (site) report on an Argentinian project that fuses printing and planting in a way that got me to thinking. The project is a children’s book infused with seeds that germinate when the book is planted. What else could this idea be used for? Gardening books with tear out strips of starter seeds? Toilet roll inserts that turn into mini planters, seed included? Who knows where this idea will sprout up next.

Original story from treehugger.com