Media report the increasing awareness about specialty print

In the ever-evolving landscape of print technology, advancements have given rise to a new era of interactive and

engaging printed products. However, customer awareness regarding the potential benefits of specialty printing remains

a challenge. The anglophone media outlet WhatTheyThink explores ways in which businesses can inform their audience

about the merits of specialty print, bridging the gap between traditional and innovative printing practices.

Recent research indicates a growing interest in specialist print, with 95% of surveyed print buyers expressing curiosity about its possibilities. Specialty

printing encompasses a range of techniques, from customization and personalization to the use of  QR codes, Augmented Reality (AR),and Near-Field Communications

(NFC) tags. These techniques,  combined with unique designs,  fluorescents, metallic toners, and eye-catching finishing, are reshaping the landscape of print


Unlocking the potential of specialty  printing involves educating businesses about its transformative impact on communication practices. While many companies

still rely on traditional print methods, advancements in specialty printing can enhance  brand communication. Shifting the conversation from acquisition

costs to business outcomes is crucial.  Specialty printing may not suit every business, but those focused on customer experience, brand elevation, and a mix of print

and digital communication are potential candidates. Framing discussions around business needs, rather than costs, creates openings for valuable conversations and strategic investments.

To communicate the value of  specialty print, businesses can provide tangible examples and samples. These, accompanied by engaging stories, allow customers

to witness the transformative power of specialty printing. In the print industry, there’s an opportunity to align brand owners  with customers’ priorities. Today’s

specialty printing technologies offer possibilities for unique and impactful communication materials. Embracing these advancements and educating clients opens doors to a future where specialty printing becomes a powerful tool for effective communication. In conclusion, WhatTheyThink points out that increasing awareness about specialty printing involves education, shifts  in conversation, and showcasing its transformative potential.

Source – Intergraf February 2024