All eyes in Brussels were on the European Commission’s 2023 Work Programme last month. 43 new initiatives, 8 refits, and 116 priority proposals were confirmed, many of which will dictate Intergraf’s work over the coming year.

On 18 October, the European Commission adopted its new Work Programme for It is situated against the crises we are facing due to the pandemic, energy costs, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, under the title “A Union standing firm and united”. For Intergraf, there are various notable topics – new and existing.

The Commission will continue working on many files presented in 2022, e.g., the ecodesign of
products, packaging waste, substantiating green claims, and corporate sustainability reporting.
It will also present a review of European chemical policy at the end of the year, as well as a revision
of the late payments Directive.

In the social realm, there will be proposals on the social economy, traineeships, legal migration,
and learning mobility. Moreover, 2023 has been designated as the European Year of Skills.
In 2023, the EU Council Presidencies will be held by Sweden followed by Spain.

Source – Intergraf October 2022