The European Paper Recycling Council has released its latest monitoring report, which shows that 71.4% of all paper and board in Europe was recycled in 2021. We are one step closer to reaching the industry target of 76% by 2030.

Intergraf is a member of the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC), an industry self-initiative monitoring the progress of paper and board recycling in Europe. Declarations are renewed every 5 years, with the EPRC currently committed to reaching a voluntary recycling target of 76% by 2030 in the EU27
plus Switzerland and Norway.

Publication of the latest EPRC Monitoring Report 2021 takes us one step closer to that goal, with a
recycling rate of 71.4%. Annick Carpentier, Chair of the EPRC, stated that “Through our extensive monitoring, the industry, policymakers and all interested parties are informed regularly and transparently about the progresses in paper recycling made by the value chain, and what it undertakes to reach its targets.” The EPRC Monitoring report is published every year to monitor progress towards the 76%

Source – Intergraf October 2022