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Dear Printer,

You may be aware that the Print Apprenticeship has suffered from a low uptake by industry in general over the last number of years and that we have come close to losing this statutory apprenticeship over the last few years. The scheme is currently in abeyance and about to undergo a curriculum review in order to make it more suitable and relevant to the Print industry today and determine its future.

In order to continue this process, we require commitment from industry to engage once the new scheme is rolled out. Attached you will find the proposed new occupational profile which we will develop into the updated curriculum. We hope that all of your additional requirements have been included however if not please let us know.

If you are willing to support the apprenticeship going forward we would ask you to indicate your support in a letter (written on headed paper) to commit to placing one apprentice from your organisation on the programme between 2019 and 2021. Without this commitment, we will lose the statutory scheme which means that apprentices will no longer be paid or get travel/accommodation assistance while they undergo their training which we are informed will not be available in future new programs.

Just to confirm if we fail to attract the required number of trainees for this program from companies we will lose this current program forever and there will be no program to train new apprentices or people currently in the print or related industries in the future.

If you have any additional questions or would like any further information you can contact Diane (a forum representative) on 086-8520893.

Kind regards,
Irish Print Forum

If you want to have a  statutory Print Apprenticeship Scheme from 2019 we need your support!

We are asking any company who want to avail of the scheme to confirm in writing before January 31st. 

Occupational Profile Rev 4.1 Print Media