Pressure is building on publishers to prove sustainability or lose ad buyers, reports ‘What’s New in Publishing’. This will impact printers, who are increasingly expected to prove their own environmental credentials to their customers.

There are various tools for printers to calculate their carbon footprint. These include the Intergraf
Recommendations on CO2 emissions calculation in the printing industry, and the linked Intergraf Roadmap. Our tool is the only one that has been developed by printing industry experts for the printing industry and their products. Printers can use it to show their commitment to sustainability – something that is becoming more difficult for companies to overlook.

According to ‘What’s New in Publishing’, the incentive for publishers to bring forward their own sustainability goals “isn’t just coming top-down from Governments but also from media buyers who, at the behest of brands, are starting to evaluate publisher ad inventory using rigorous sustainability criteria”. Because of this, “publishers start to double down on sustainability”

Source – Intergraf September 2022