Selling Yourself Short?


I’m not much of a salesperson. It’s a tough skill to master, and requires a combination of people skills and hard nosed business sense. I’d rather just mix some inks and calibrate my cutting machine. However, making good sales is how we keep the lights on, and when it’s done right it can be the difference between beans on toast or caviar on crackers at the end of a busy month.

The slick chaps over at Profitable Print Relationships (site) know a thing or two about covering the cost of putting ink on paper. Matthew Parker covers some of the finer points of making good sales calls.

Have you ever had a sales person calling you “just to check in”? This is one of the most pointless sales calls ever. It tells the prospect that you have nothing worth saying to them. It gives them no reason to buy from you. It is a waste of both your and their time.

Make sure to follow the link below to learn how to make better sales calls and avoid alienating clients. It’s a short one, so grab a coffee, give it the once over, then start spinning that Rolodex and make some calls!

How a Call To Action wins print sales – Profitable Print Relationships