Shaping a Sustainable Future: Packaging
Industry Leaders Collaborate on Innovation

On 9 & 10 March Intergraf and FTA Europe co-organized an event called “Shaping the Future with Packaging.” The event brought together almost 120 leaders from Europe’s packaging industry from
18 different countries for two days of learning and collaboration. The main focus was on the necessity for
innovation and the role companies play in the supply chain. A key takeaway from the event was
that sustainability is no longer an option, but a necessity. Speakers highlighted that the packaging
supply chain has a significant role to play in the transition towards green practices. The EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) was identified as a crucial driver of change, as compliance is mandatory.

Innovative solutions are necessary to meet the targets set by the PPWR, and the packaging value chain is already working on creative solutions. The event emphasized that technical innovations are crucial for Europe to achieve its recycling targets. Participants agreed that packaging Shaping a Sustainable Future: Packaging Industry Leaders Collaborate on Innovation producers and regulators must collaborate to ensure a smooth transition. Despite the challenges, packaging producers are well informed and equipped to meet this moment. The speaker lineup included a diverse group of industry representatives, highlevel policymakers from the EU Commission, and researchers in the field. The Commission warned that without
the proper legislation, packaging waste would continue to grow, and plastic packaging would rise by an
estimated 40%.

Academics emphasized packaging’s critical role in reducing food loss, with 30% of food wasted (50% of fruit and vegetables), and innovative solutions like coatings on produce. Coca-Cola presented ‘World Without Waste’, the company’s sustainability platform, which aims for “zero waste and zero emissions” through three main concepts: design, collect, and engage.

Source – Intergraf April 2023