SPPRING Update – Education


Dear members,

As part of the SPPRING project (European Commission COSME), we are looking to understand the different national education systems and specialist education paths for the printing industry.

We have drafted a template (powerpoint attached below) and kindly ask you to amend this to reflect your national education system. I have attached an example for Germany which was put together for a previous EU project for the paper industry. It may be helpful to use the CEDEFOP VET country reports as a reference to structure your own knowledge of the specialist education offerings for print in your country.

In addition, could you also answer the following questions please?

In your country, is specialist education provided for education/jobs in the print industry?
If yes, please estimate the number of students enrolled in these programmes at each level of education according to the below categories (if you know this or can estimate this):

Intermediate vocational education:
o Level 2 (2 years) Basic vocational programmes

o Level 3 (3 years) Professional education programmes

o Level 4 (3-4 years) Specialist professional programmes

Higher vocational education:
o Level 5 (2 years) Higher professional education associated degree

o Level 6 (4 years) Bachelor programmes

If there is no formal education, do you consider that it is needed?
Are there vocational training centres in your country providing courses/training for the print industry?

If yes, please names these centres and give an indication of the number of students/trainees currently enrolled.

If you could fill this out and respond by March 26, we would be very grateful.

You also received a link to a stakeholder database as interested parties in the project. This database just contains your contact details in order to send you information on the project, its events and ask you to reply to one questionnaire on the subject. If you have not signed up, please do so with the following link: https://it.surveymonkey.com/r/SPPRING

SPPRING – National Education files